Friday, August 16, 2013

The Almost-Kiss

Book Title: EYRE HOUSE
Author: Cait Greer
Heat: Steamy

This kiss isn't actually a kiss at all. But it has elements of the romantic tension needed in certain kisses. Enjoy...


“Thanks for coming with me tonight.” Her voice was suddenly husky. Not teary, but wanting. The kind of wanting that immediately made my heart pound in my ears. “I hope you had fun.”

I tapped the heavy flashlight against my leg and tried not to think about how much I just wanted to pull her to me. To comfort her or kiss her—I wasn’t sure anymore. “It was a good tour. Almost a perfect night. Are you—”

Her hand touched my chest, pushing me until my back hit something solid.

“Ginny…” Her name was a growl in my throat, and an obvious giveaway that her rapid change was affecting me.

“You’re so determined to be good.”

Oh, she had no idea. The tears were long gone, vanished in the night, and I almost wondered if I’d imagined the whole thing. Something clicked into place in my head, years of psychobabble from Social Services. She was deflecting.

“I know how much you want to be bad,” she whispered, close enough that I could feel her breath against my jaw. I felt the faint brush of her lips on the underside of my jaw, and then on my neck.

Okay, she did have an idea. Maybe too much of one. She was definitely deflecting, but she was also damned good at it. I almost laughed.

Instead, I clenched my teeth and tried to remember to breathe.


Her lips brushed mine, just a ghost of a kiss, a feather-light touch. But I could feel the moisture on her lips and wanted so much to respond. I didn’t like being used, but would it really be so bad?

Her tongue flicked out, tasting my bottom lip. My hands squeezed tight, and I could almost feel Ginny smiling. I could almost feel her entire body. So close. So very, very close.

“Just let go, Evan.”

Lord Almighty, I wanted to. This close, smelling of sunshine and sweetness, the barest touch of her lips on mine, the moisture and heat of her breath. I wanted it, wanted her, wanted to do what she asked and just let go.

The trolley bell rang, calling us back.

Ginny’s hot breath spilled over my neck with a breathless laugh. “Saved by the bell.”

She backed away, but I could still see her grin in the darkness. Biting her lower lip, she cocked her head and walked away.

The breath I hadn’t realized I’d been holding blew out in a rush. I shook my head and followed before I lost her to the darkness and mist.


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