Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Ferris-Wheel Kiss

Book Title: EVER
Title: Jessa Russo
Heat: Flirty

This scene is from EVER, the first book of The EVER Trilogy, re-released today! Check it out on Goodreads! This kiss is not just Ever’s first with Toby, but because she’s been in love with her dead best friend for so long, this is her very first kiss period.


The sun was gone from the horizon, but I could make out most of the coastline's twinkling lights, so since we were delayed for the time being as people boarded the ride below us, I took the chance to point out a few landmarks along the coast.

He took the chance to lean in toward me.

I was mid-sentence, pointing something out to him, when I froze, realizing what he was doing. I inhaled a quick breath as my heart rate increased once again. Holy shit. He leaned over and lightly brushed his thumb against my lips, sending tingles through my entire face. His other hand still held my hand between us, and I hoped it wasn't sweating profusely.

My mouth was open—both from the shock of his touch and the fact that I had been talking just seconds ago—and I quickly shut it, swallowing loudly, and hoping that he couldn't tell how nervous I was. Or how incredibly excited I was by the prospect of my very first kiss.

Oh god. What if I'm bad?

My heart raced in anticipation and fear, and the butterflies in my stomach moved from light fluttering to somersaults and back flips. My entire body seemed filled with sensations totally foreign to me. Feelings and worries I'd never experienced.

He licked his lips, leaned in further, and kissed me. He was a bit hesitant at first, kissing me slowly and gently, making sure he wasn't overstepping any boundaries.

I closed my eyes and leaned in to him, my lips parting just a bit, mimicking his, and following his lead. It felt both strange and exciting to kiss him, our tongues slightly touching, and his lips moving around mine. He kissed me delicately and each change in the movement of his lips sent intense shivers down my spine. Warmth built deep in my belly, and I feared I might laugh from the nervous excitement of it all.

After a moment that was far too short, the Ferris wheel began its descent, and Toby pulled away to look at me with those velvety blue-black eyes. I couldn't help the smile that pulled fiercely at my lips.

He smiled, and this time I was sure he could hear my heart beating. How could he not? I sure could. It thumped away rapidly in my ears, deafening in its excitement.


Wheeee! What did you think? Let us know below, and go check out EVER by Jessa Russo!


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