Friday, June 6, 2014

The Playful Kiss

Book Title: Hate Jacket
Author: M. Andrew Patterson
Heat Level: Flirty


A bright blue button catches my eye at the same time she notices it. We both sit there staring at it and each other. A standoff. Gunslingers poised at high noon. Her hand darts out and snatches it just a second before mine. I grab for her and send buttons flying. With a shriek she falls back onto the bed.

Before I know it, I’m on top of her, with her hands pinned above her head. Her hand is clutched firmly around the button with my hand on top. I feel the warmth of her skin through my clothes. She’s breathing fast, her lips parted with a slight smile. They’re so soft and inviting.

I look into her crystal green eyes. I don’t see fear. They sparkle with amusement. My heart is pounding in my chest so hard I’m certain she can feel it. I can’t stop myself as I lower my head. Our lips are inches apart. She doesn’t move away. Her eyes are still locked on mine.

I close the gap and my lips lightly touch hers. Her breath caresses my lips, my heart thrums inside my chest. Her body presses against mine. I seal the kiss. Her lips are soft and warm as they move against mine. Lilac fills my nose and I breathe it in. It fills me, makes me whole. She makes me whole and I want her. I want her more than life, more than breathing. The thought is dizzying.


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