Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Adventure Kiss

Book Title: Nothing But Sky
Author: Amy Trueblood
Heat: Steamy


"You're still shaking." He pulls me close again and his chest quakes too.

"So are you," I reply.

"It was the gunfire. For a moment I was back on an open field in France, taking cover under a table like it was a bunker." His voice wobbles for a moment before he takes a deep breath.

"What brought you back?" I ask.

"You. I saw your shoes and knew you were in the middle of it all. I couldn't," he stumbles over his words. "Let you get hurt."

"Thank you. I don't know what would've happened if you hadn't gotten me out of there."

He chuckles. "Everything is an adventure with you, Grace." He places a kiss on top of my head. His lips move to my ear and then to my neck. I shiver again, but this time it's not from the cold. A white hot heat moves through me and I circle him in closer, desperate for the taste of his mouth. My hands slide along his cheeks and over the black and blue tinge below his eye. He flinches and I stand on tip toe and gently press a kiss to the mark.  A mark he got because of me.

I pull back, and his eyes go wild before his mouth finds mine. At first the kisses are slow and sweet. The movement of his lips a slight press against mine. But as our hearts pound in the same rhythm, his hands move to the small of my back, tightening the fabric of my dress in a fist.

All I want is to have him closer. Taste his skin and breathe in his scent. My lips move to the hollow of his throat before easing down along the rough edge of his collarbone. A small groan escapes his lips and then his hands are in my hair. His lips search for every available inch of skin, and I'm lost in his strength and my need to have him discover everything I've hidden for years. We stumble back into the brick wall behind us and melt into each other, each and every kiss not being enough.

I was so worried I wouldn't know where to put my hands, or how to move when Henry finally kissed me, but with him I don't have to think. My body automatically acts and I follow along. As we cling to each other, approaching sirens echo behind us and Henry pulls away.

A smile pulls at the corners of his mouth as he intertwines his fingers with mine. "Like I said Grace, always an adventure."


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  1. My glasses fogged up reading that one... :D

  2. Personally, I love the gradual build on this one. It starts slow, soft and sweet, and gains intensity before getting interrupted. And the wording is gorgeous. Love it.

  3. This is really good, I'm at work right now (totally not supposed to be reading this here) where it's always freezing cold & now after reading this, I'm definitely not cold anymore. Steamy indeed : )