Kiss Ratings

In case you're wondering what heat level your kisses are, here are a few things to look for that might help you decide. Keep in mind, we're not experts. If you need more help, read through the archives and see which kisses your kiss feels the most similar to, both in language and emotion. Also, ask other writers!

<3 Sweet <3 

These are the innocent kisses you see in Disney movies. Mention of lips, and maybe hands, but no other body parts. Don't underestimate them though, they can be just as powerful as the rest. Simplicity carries a lot of weight.


Also playful, maybe a little awkward because the characters are more aware of their bodies here than in the Sweet arena. These kisses are full of honesty and openness, and can really touch your heart.


This is where things start to heat up. These kisses usually have the ability to affect the reader along with the characters. They get your heart racing a bit. Sometimes the scene might have mention of more body parts, bare skin, etc. Also marked by an increase of intensity.


These are the kisses that definitely mention lots of body parts (except genitalia). Hips, legs, hands, neck, shoulders, back, etc. And the emotion in these can come through in many ways. Hard-and-fast intensity, or soft-and-slow passion. Either way, hunger and desire are definitely present.


These are the "turn-you-on" scenes. They hold nothing back, whether it's the guy getting hard or the girl getting wet. The emotions are the same as in HOT, but more intense. Also, though we don't show it here, these kinds of literary kisses *usually* lead to sex. Thought that's not a hard-and-fast rule. (I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. #twss)

Hope that helps! Good luck writing all the kisses, kissy faces!!!


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