Calling All Kisses

Hello dear readers!

Welcome to the land of literary kisses! We'd like to invite writers and readers of all categories and genres to submit kissing scenes! Whether it's one you wrote, or a favorite you read, we'd love to see them. Then we'll read through, categorize, and post them!

Also, we'd like to request that you keep it to KISSING ONLY. We know things can heat up real fast if your characters are serious, but this blog is focused on kissing, not sex. Making out is fine, but please cut your scene off if things escalate further ;)


* You must include the SCENE surrounding the kiss. (See current posts.)
* That being said, please try to keep it under 500 words.
* With your submission, please include:
- A post title, i.e. "The ______ Kiss"
- The Book Title from which this kiss comes
- The author's name
- Submitted by: Your name (if you're not the author)
- The Heat Level you recommend it go under.

We have a lot from unpublished writers, and while these are FANTASTIC, we'd also love some submissions from published works. Send us the best kissing scene you've ever read, and we'll post it!

So go ahead! Send your best kissing scenes to writingakiss(@), and let's get this party started!

ALSO: We would LOVE IT if everyone who visits this site could leave their thoughts on a few scenes. Tell us what you think the author did well, and where the scene could be better -- if at all. As long as it's constructive, we love feedback!

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