Friday, June 6, 2014

The Long-Time-Coming Kiss

Book Title: SIGHT
Author: Darci Cole
Heat: <3 Sweet <3



Peering back, she saw that Gunnar stood behind her. He looked hesitant, nervous.

She frowned at him, and turned back to her contemplation of the ocean.

The sound of his boots walking away made her wince.

Not now, she thought miserably. Maybe not ever.

He had been so patient with her, letting her take her time, growing to feel so much for him over the course of this journey. But with Dusan gone, and an uncertain road ahead, she couldn’t give in to romance right now. No matter how much she’d have liked to.

A few seconds later, footsteps came toward her hurriedly. Something’s wrong. She turned, wondering what had happened.

Gunnar reappeared.

“What’s – ”

Before she knew what was happening, he was kissing her. She inhaled through her nose in surprise. She backed into the side of the ship. His mouth was persistent, never leaving hers. She gripped his forearms intending to push him away, but the feel of his hands on her waist, holding her so gently, made her hesitate. Then, his lips relaxed, moving softly against hers, and she felt a sigh escape her.

She melted into him. His hands wrapped around her. One found the small of her back, pulling her close. The other came to her jaw, stroking and angling her face as the kiss became tender. Without words, he was saying all the things she’d wanted him to say for weeks. He pulled away slightly, smiling against her mouth.


"Yes?" she breathed.

"I've wanted to do that for a very long time."


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